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three additional national green factories,luxshare ict speed up the construction of green manufacturing system-pg电子游戏官网官方网站

on january 15th, the 2021 green manufacturing list released by the ministry of industry and information technology was publicized via. three additional subsidiaries of luxshare ict have obtained the title of the national green factory, namely luxshare electronic technology (kunshan) ltd., huzhou jiuding electronic co.,ltd, and jiangxi luxshare intelligent manufacture co.,ltd. up to now, an accumulated total of 6 subsidiaries of luxshare ict have obtained this title and the continuous expansion indicates that our sustainable development process following the green and low-carbon concept is speeding up in an all-round way.

the green factory is the production unit of the manufacturing industry, the main body of the implementation of green manufacturing, as well as the core support unit of the green manufacturing system, focusing on the greening of the production process. the application and selection of the national green factory is an activity organized by the ministry of industry and information technology aimed at implementing the industrial green development plan of the country, accelerating the construction of the green manufacturing system, creating a group of advanced models of green manufacturing and leading the green transformation of industries in related fields. the selection is subject to a series of strict verification procedures including self-evaluation by applicants, on-site evaluation by third-party evaluation agencies, assessment and confirmation by provincial authorities of industry and informatization technology, expert demonstration and publicity. it is the authoritative identification given by the ministry of industry and information technology for enterprises in line with the green development.

as a leading enterprise in the electronics manufacturing industry, luxshare has firmly established and practically implemented the concepts of green development, circular development and low-carbon development. by continuously improving the energy efficiency level of facilities through a series of energy-saving measures such as optimizing air compression and air-conditioning system and building an integrated energy management system, we actively respond to the national target of carbon peaking and carbon neutrality and the energy transformation requirements. through purchasing clean energy, vigorously building rooftop photovoltaics, exploring energy storage projects and other measures, we bring down the total energy consumption while add to the use of clean energy, comprehensively and scientifically carry out energy conservation and carbon reduction work, maximize the climate and environmental benefits brought by emission reduction, and strive to build green factories and a green manufacturing system for the full life cycle of the industrial chain.

luxshare ict has taken green manufacturing as a proactive action throughout the entire process of production and operation. we resolutely implement the responsibilities of carbon peaking and carbon neutrality to further promote green transformation and development. in january 2022, we submitted the commitment letter of setting science-based carbon targets and getting approved by sbti. it is expected that we complete the formulation of medium and long-term emission reduction targets and pass the verification of sbti by the end of 2023. after the science-based targets are adopted, we are expected to achieve the goal of carbon neutrality by 2050.