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strategic partnership formed between 3m and luxshare-pg电子游戏官网官方网站

strategic partnership formed between 3m and luxshare

on jan. 23rd, 2018, a signing ceremony between 3m company, a global leading, innovative science company,and luxshare, a domestic leading electronics manufacturer, was held in luxshare's operation headquarters in dongguan. the ceremony represented the commencement of a strategic partnership between 3m and luxshare. participants of this event include leaders from both companies: mr. koichi mimura (vp of 3m), mr. tatsunosuke inami, mr. duane preiss, mr. huang kai, ms. ou zongling, mr. chen jinhua (vp of luxshare), mr. xiong tengfang (special assistant to president of luxshare), etc.


3m is the abbreviation for "minnesota mining and manufacturing co.", a company founded in 1902 in saint paul, minnesota that has grown into a globally recognized powerhouse with diverse products and a culture of innovation and collaboration. it ranks highly in markets for personal health care, highway protecting and safety, office and school supplies, optical products, and electronics and energy.

luxshare was founded on may. 24th, 2004, listing on the stock market on sep. 15th, 2010, with manufacturing bases distributed both domestic and aboard. luxshare is a technology-oriented company whose r&d investment increases constantly year after year and becomes the main contributor in operation income. as a fast-growing company, luxshare allocates its resources in consumer electronics, enterprise electronics, automotive, medical and other related industries, is capable of offering outstanding product solutions.

3m is known for raw cable research and manufacturing. 3m's high-speed data transmission cables, including the 3m™ twin axial cable, improve the reliability and efficiency of energy delivery in high-performance computing environments. 3m's twin axial cable features a thin, foldable design that takes up less space inside dense server systems allowing for maximum design flexibility while maintaining high speed data rates. luxshare is known for advanced cable assembly r&d and process design capability, which is particularly prominent in process automation technology.

3m and luxshare formalized their strategic partnership at a signing ceremony between 3m and luxshare on jan. 23rd. the strategic partnership between these two companies is intended to bring excellent internal and external cable solutions to ict customers. operating under the principles of mutual development, integrity and shared interests, 3m and luxshare believe that the combined strengths of both companies will create exciting new possibilities and opportunities in high performance computing environments.